Crazy Weather events in your area

Like Marc we got over 40 last Friday, another 7-8 last night but now rained all afternoon and just turned to full freezing rain, just sucks.
So like it says above: Crazy weather event in your
We didn’t get much snow or rain out of this system.
We got all ice pellets and a bit of freezing rain. About 3 inches worth.

Started to cure this morning but still not completely frozen.
If you drove over it to get it loose, then the snow blower could do a pretty good job.
It came loose like sand.

So stayed home this morning and attacked it while the attacking was stil good.

Environment Canada calling for a couple more cm tonight and another 5 tomorrow of regular cold snow.
Just enough to covet these ice pellets in the trails.

We may not have gotten much snow in December but it looks like we’re making up for it now.