Crazy Weather events in your area

I am sure this post makes Marc, happy.
likely the only one, but we are expecting between
20 and 30 cm along with a bit of wind

they have been wrong the last 5 storms, great record they have
I will update tomorrow what really happened, once I am done cleaning it up.
be no sleeping tonight :(

Sick of this shit, I want Mustang season to start.
Well, it doesn’t make me Happy!
I mean I still feel for you guys.
I’m not completely heartless.
But I am smiling right now. 😊

Hope your night goes well.
I’m looking forward to cruising weather as well.
A bit more today.
The order banks opened and our GM here, not my cousin but an employee, put in an order for a Dark Horse Handling Pack for himself.
Something to look forward to when it comes in now.
I’m probably the one that’s going to go fuel it up.

He’s converting from Chevy.
He has a 65 Impala.
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Well it was long 4pm to 12 pm next day.
few hours sleep and out for salt, tidy up in spots
Beautiful sunny day today.

But I see less grass and further away from Driving Mustang, not closer. :(

Still hard for me to feel bad.

I don’t remember last time I saw grass.
Your sow will melt way before mine.
And, you’ll be driving your Mustang way before me.
Marc, has been picking on us weather wimps south of him and
truely believes he doesn not live in the north pole.
So I thought this illustration would help :ROFLMAO: 🤪😛😁

Most normal, average folks

Average city folk with extra money, don't really need but likes toys


Marc after supper

Not crazy weather but 4-5 cm fell Friday overnight.
Was too warm to do anything with it Saturday, but cold night Saturday and daytime high today at or just bellow freezing, I got out in my winter toy at 06:00 this morning to groom ski trails.
Possibly last time this season.

Anyway, turned out great for spring skiing.
Excellent conditions all day.




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