2019 California Special Race Red

I got the Resonator delete and Steeda H Pipe installed. I only have a before and after garage clip. It definitely sounds good with the cold start in the normal mode. Super happy with the difference. Will road test in Abit and give some feedback.




Here is the before video. Stock form Normal cold start

Here is the after video with the Steeda HPipe installed

Well I didn’t a short run to heat everything up and test the exhaust. All I can say is wow!!! What a big difference. I also like the idea that at cruising speed it’s not really noticeable however when you step on it it’s a big difference. Throttle réponse seems better as well.

It was also my first time testing out the spacers which make a big difference in how I handles as well. Super happy with the results.
When I did my H pipe, Mat Dasilva told me deleting the resonator was good for about 10 extra hp, so it surely won’t hurt throttle response either. 🤙
yeah I heard similar as well. Anywhere from 5-10 so it makes sense. It is definitely more responsive. Just came back from a small 80 km cruise. Put some fresh fuel it and did a hot lap into town and around and back. Definitely like this mod. Shifts as it should and rides the gear when it needs to. So far so good. Set the cruise at 120 to test it with the top up and it’s a bit louder but not much at cruising. I am sure it will be Abit louder with the top down but not enough to bother the passenger.
this morning I was only searching after my chores. I stumbled onto a forum that was talking about synch screen updates. I checked and the version of the 2019 was 3.3 so there was a 3.4 upgrade available. So I decided I would upgrade it and see. Armed with a flash drive and my laptop I downloaded what I needed then installed it. I love the new look of the synch screen. I also now have centre Nav in between my tach and speedometer which takes over all of the centre screen when you are getting close to a change of road or your destination.