What did you do to your mustang today

Mineral Grey

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Yesterday Took the Mustang for a sprint to the Salisbury liquor outlet to stock up a some essential supplies and decided since is was so close, to keep going to Tire Shack Brewery to pick up some stock of my new favorite brew . Today spent the morning cleaning up the Mustang and the garage, tucked it away for now until my storage place is finished being built PXL_20201108_221232601.jpgPXL_20201108_210602328.jpg


It could be a Covercraft.
I have two and both fit like that.
Covercraft sells direct but is also a sub contractor for many manufacturers and parts suppliers.
Like Ford and GM, and the likes of Shelby and Roush.

They have site.
I have the Evolution Block it.
Thick material. The best to resist small impacts. Like a broom handle. Or cat jumping on car.

02 yellowgt

Dave and Bev Smith
The exhaust is done,the brakes are bled,the tires are rotated,the stabilizer is in the gas,its's plugged into the battery tender and it's sitting on jackstands.The only thing to do in the spring is an oil change and it's good to go.Costco has the battery tender this year again for $50(I think)
and it's a steal because some sites are selling it for 3x the price.