What did you do to your mustang today


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No so much the Mustang, its been parked since Sept 11, but getting the winter tires on the truck this week, and thanks to the info I found here on MM, I think Marc posted it, (thanks Marc), flushing out the orange coolant for new spec Motorcraft yellow coolant and since I'm at 105,000km, getting the gear oil changed in both diff's.


You’re welcome.
Glad the info can help someone.
I first herd it was a good idea to change the orange coolant out after 5 years from my trip to Dasilva’s last summer (2019) because it is known to allow internal components to rust prematurely.
I confirmed this with techs at the dealership this summer, and further learned from the parts department that Ford stopped making the orange coolant back in June of 2020.
There is still some out there in some inventories but it’s the only thing left post June.
Once it’s gone there there will be no more.

It’s now replaced by a yellow coolant.

So anyone with an older coyote engine, if you plan on keeping your car a long time, you may want to make note of this.
I don't know if it was also used in ecoboost and V6 engines.
You can look for the colour in the overflow/reservoir tank.

My 15 GT had it and I flushed it out in August and replaced with the yellow stuff.
There’s a picture of the yellow coolant bottle in my build thread.