What did you do to your mustang today


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In this thread we can post what we did to our mustangs recently.

Well went to breakfast and then to the speedsport show with Jason, Phil and a couple of our kids. Got all pumped up and dug the cover off of the stang. Changed the oil and charged the battery. My son fired it up for the first time this season. Will pull a it out if the corner tomorrow and change my sticking brake caliper tomorrow. Will post pics tomorrow as I forgot. Lol. What an awesome day with some old mustang friends.
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I was tired of people putting their hi beam on at night because of my HID fog. So I decided to switch them for GT/CS fog lights and replacing the stock GT grille for a Boss 302 with fog delete plates
Called Steeda. They have received the Projector Headlights Headlights from the US Manufacturer and Spec , the US Clutch Manufacturer said they were shipping the Clutch to Steeda in Mississauga yesterday , so I should have both by late next week.

The wiper arm that was on back order from American Muscle has shipped and was to be delivered by UPS today. Didn't happen , so I guess it will be tomorrow ?
My able mechanic (my Son, lol) replaced the front A-Arm bushings and changed the differential fluid today. Now I have to burn some of that winter storage gas before next weekends slalom. Also retrieved the R-Comps from the basement. Still need to do a brake fluid flush and fix a stripped nut/bolt on the seat mount.
Looks good,, fresh rubber always feel great.
Sometimes we forget how tires should feel.
I have always said after 2 years, regardless of wear.
You should change, even more important if you take odd trip to Mexico :)
I'd love to, but I'll need to change my intake manifold first as it barely clears that one.

It's a really nice quality hood tho. No spider webs or wave in the fiberglass.