new e-mustang


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Obviously an electric car reason for being is NOT for gear heads like 95% of this forum or even any other normal car forum. They will have their following of their own when the implementation of the electric car hits the sports car niche market (if anyone is crazy enough to pump out a real electric sports car that is...).
Does it make a sound? No. Does it smoke ANY of the car we have? probably. Should we care? Not required to. Truth is there will be an EV Mustang in the future weater we like it or not. That OR the mustang itself dies. It's just the reality. We might not see the point where combustion enginened cars will die, but the ones that are niche/not a necessity/expensive to produce and run, they will die. Do we need to accept it? no. Can we ''really'' do something about it? again, probably not. Welcome to the future ... sadly.

We can say ahhh it doesn't sound or i can't mod it, it's a dyson vaccuum (heard that one with my focus ST lol) or all that stuff between us, but truth is, technology is coming our way and manufacturers (not just ford) do what they need to do to stay in business. There is nothing sacred anymore it seems ...


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We are not stopping the EV's from coming. Likely because of north america being what it is,
I will likely be dead before its completely electric, I suspect you won't be, I hope :)

I understand Staying in Business and ford building EV's its the way of the future, regardless of what
I think or us old folks think lol.

My Point is Ford is taking a huge risk IMO they slap Mustang on this and maybe ruin an Icon.
So the loyal Ford guy I am, if they think this little of what I think ( I am not alone here). Then why to I give them my loyalty?
That could mean, next time I go to buy trucks, cars or anything else, I look at all and choose what
makes most since, not something I am loyal too.

Like friends and life, loyalty should go both ways. Its a risk they didn't have to take.


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As I have already stated, we are not stopping the future.
What this does to the Mustang brand, time will tell.

Based on what happens will determine many things
including the fate of Mustang folks like ourselves.
The heritage, legacy and Iconic nature itself.

Hard core guys may go backwards a lot like the Mopar guys did.
Separating themselves from the new stuff, again only time will tell.
maybe it changes nothing, maybe, maybe maybe.


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Hell Ya Trevor! You don’t see GM putting the Corvette name on anything else. And the Mustang is more Iconic than the Corvette because a lot more have keen produced
Not really more iconic,10 years ahead of the pony,

But monkey see

Corvette C8 SUV Hints At Future Corvette Brand Possibilities

JUL 26, 2019 at 10:06AM
Anthony Alaniz
By: Anthony Alaniz

It wears the C8’s design cues well.
Rumors General Motors wants to take the Corvette nameplate and turn it into a full-fledged brand aren't new. It seems to pop up when Chevy is about to make a drastic change to the car, such as launching a new model, and the launch of the C8 Corvette was no different. One day after Chevy unveiled the vehicle, a new report hit the internet citing anonymous GM insiders that the company is considering turning the Corvette into a brand that could grow to include a sedan, a Corvette-based Cadillac offering, and an SUV or crossover


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Expected this.... still a long way to go before electric is on par with internal combustion. Also, the draw for cabin heating will reduce output even further. Electric buses being trialed in northern climates are equipped with gas engines specifically for heating passenger cabin. Too many vegans on board to being buffalo furs and bear skins to keep passengers warm!


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Also read power grid is not set up right for massive amount of home owners
with EV charging at same time with high draw at peaks times.

Currently EV only if every one switched only 8% fossil fuel savings.
Imagine if some of things made main stream media, LOL


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I mean, there are inefficiencies to the ICE cars, BUT it only translate to more frequent stops at the pump. Which is actually the same with the EV. Where the difference is it's in the implementation of the charging stations VS the gas station AND the time it takes currently to charge an eEV car.

Sorry, I cannot see myself wait an hour at a stop just because i need to charge my car ... I'm used and love the 3 minutes fill up quick pit stop :)