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I just watched the live event too. A couple of things:

ahhh. Maybe spend a few dollars on acting classes for your CEO type people. I was constantly cringing watching those guys try to read a teleprompter. The Asian guy giving the high fives to the choir. LOL.

The styling? Meh. The said over and over "people will instantly recognize it as a mustang". WHAT??? Uh, no. They will instantly recognize it as an SUV.


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Personally I hate it, For the Ford executives to have so little respect for the heritage
of the Mustang and the folks who love them is insulting.

I don't know if or when I will ever own an EV, but I will never own this from Ford.
I have no idea how much this will damage the legacy of the Mustang.
But I believe it will.

Now that Ford has gone down this slippery slope, whats next?
I am afraid to think about it.


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PhIl, agree with you about some of the Ford Execs. One of them, Ted Cannis, on the right in the photo, is a friend of mine and I used to work directly for him, and he seemed to be shouting rather than speaking.



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I had to keep remembering this wasn't Apple launching a new watch......this was was an execution of an icon brand for the entitled parents of Mellinal tree huggers! Lipstick on a pig.....

I can only hope this lasts as long as the Ponitac Aztec did.

Have nothing against Evs at all. Concept is fine but already behind similar products from Audi.

The notion of marketing to centenarian Mustang enthusiasts who need more room (fat, like me), bad knees and can't drive manual trans or cant lower into a road hugger, I cant see this model getting much interest from consumers.

Electrify the 550 model and burn the Mach e. They did it to the Avro this aberration deserves the same fate!

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So I had an IM chat today with my friend Ted (see comment above, one of the guys presenting last night) and I told him that as a Mustang purist it did not sit well with me. His reply........ you haven’t driven it!!!!