new e-mustang


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The day of the muscle car is nearing the end.
I hope I make enough money to buy a few more before they become extinct.
It certainly seemed that way in the early Seventies as well, and look where we are now.

Unprecedented factory horsepower numbers and offerings off the showroom floor, this is the golden age of muscle/performance cars.

That being said, I agree the momentum cannot be maintained, all I can say is, I'm glad I got mine. lol

Electric cars might have the performance and torque etc, but they don't have the V8 soul that true enthusiasts like the folks on this forum live for IMO.


Was reading Road and Track article today on how the gen 3 coyote engine in the 2018 and newer Mustang is under appreciated and under recognized.
Mostly due to existence of the VooDoo engine.
They highlighted plasma coated cylinder walls, combination of direct and port fuel injection, variable cam timing and a variable charge motion valve l, to aid low rpm performance without sacrificing high end.
25 hp and 20 lb/ft over gen 2 versions.
They described good power throughout the rpm range.
One of the best bang for the buck deals power wise in a base GT.
And easy 20 plus mpg when driven conservatively.
However, they too concluded that they fear the imminent end of these great cars as the proliferation of E cars increases.
Glad I have mine too.