New Bronco


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Ford has a hit with the Bronco I think... People are putting down deposits and the website crashed with demand. Helped to drive the stock almost 6% higher. Ford has some winners in its lineup... Mustang, F150, Bronco... jury is still out on the MachE but could be a winner also...


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I don't recall ever having to throw down $100 on the Ford Canada website to reserve an order for a vehicle that should be available across the board at all dealerships, guess that speaks to Fords expectation of demand, which has proven true if the reports are accurate.

Interesting comment about paying full pop for it though.....there's no factory incentives for any SVT / Ford Performance products, you want it, you pay MSRP, no need for incentives to motivate sales, demand is already there.

So, given the demand for the Bronco, and the number of reservations for orders, it makes me believe that the Bronco, even though its available at all dealers, will follow the same pattern and I predict no factory incentives or rebates like Employee Pricing etc, its going to be full price for sure.

Again, as I said before with high demand models, there is always the possibility of ADM gouging by unscrupulous and short sighted dealerships, but then again, if people are willing to pay always, wait long enough and things die down and you'll get it for MSRP or less.