New Bronco

I hope it has some retro feel and design to it .. Can't wait till some real spec and photos come.. From the drop cover , it could be a Nissan cube or a keep renegade ? Lol.. ( better not ! )
I agree, I will be do for another SUV by then, so if they get it right, could be cool to have
Still nothing concrete on the new bronco. Lots of rumours still , and it just might be made to rekindle some old memories of the old Bronco.. Hopefully not the desecration that Chev done on the new blazer..
Still waiting to see what this will look like.
the new 5.2 is not the same engine that in gt350
but still cool. Curious to see look and options.
be the wife new ride :)
Cross Plane Crank instead of the Flat Plane Crank, but same displacement and 700+ hp.

I've wanted a supercharged V8 Ford Performance Raptor ( Not Shelby or any other aftermarket ) since my first Raptor in 2011.
Not sure if the new Bronco does anything for me, it looks like an Explorer/Jeep hybrid. Reserving judgement until better pics are out.
I agree, what I see in camp pic's to date is not exciting.
Also rumoured they will have a Raptor version of bronco.
If so, I could see wife next SUV being a Raptor Bronco :)
but it better happen quick, were thinking this summer.
Maybe next spring, but its getting close.