New Bronco


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Ahh ok. I did not know it was treated like a Shelby.
A few of the Ford performance vehicles are sold at all dealerships.
but some of the specialty stuff, the dealers have to pay extra to be dealer for products.
Same as Roush, Fairly & Stevens here had it, not sure if they still do or not.
MacPhee Ford did not. Macphee Ford is the only Ford Performance Dealer in the maritimes.

They also get perks, like the only Steve McQueen Edition bullitt went to MacPhee's
The 50th anniversary special Addition Mustang, which only a few came to Canada.
MacPhee got, The owner took that, turned out to be not so special. Over priced for nothing more than badging.
Every dealer got 1 Focus RS, MacPhee got a bunch, etc, etc.
They all could sell the Bullitt.

They used to be called SVT dealers, but Now Ford has made it global,
So called Ford Performance, even that had its issues.
As some Dealers at spent upwards of 50k building special showrooms and
signage with SVT badging the year before the switch, Ford ended up giving them a 5 year grace period to switch.
Keep the Peace, bit money involved to have the rights to sell this stuff.

I know MacPhee recently looked at Roush and said no because they had to spend 100k in parts.
Hmmm maybe should be saying this in Members only area lol, not sure this public lol.

Hopefully that gives a little insight as to how some of it works.
Even with that lots I don't know,
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I like it, would want a hard top, and Aliona likes it, she wants full size and the aggressive version.
I suspect they will have several models from tame to quite agreesive.


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Big one is released sometime in March
baby bronco sometime early april.
yet small one will be available first.

I Like the big one, depending on options and pricing I would consider this as next vehicle for Aliona.

Baby one looks a bit like her range rover, but not a big fan so far. we will see.


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this article says Ford is releasing new Bronco March 17th
Unless they decide to wait, something to talk about very soon.