New Bronco


Some not so good news for a few on this forum.
I would like to see a Coyote Bronco just as much as the next guy.
But, I can attest to the instant low end torque of the turbo engines, which is what crawling on off road trails requires.
The Coyote requires high rpm to get to the meat of its torque and power.
Anyway, the decision is out of our hands.


Corner Carver


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Is a pre-production car available for sale to the public or it just for show and tell?
This one is for training at dealerships.
So regional manager is traveling around to all dealers
and showing staff and sale features, letting them take pictures
and ask question etc.

Typical PP cars are not suppose to be for sale, but we all know some get into the wild.
The Bronco sport can be ordered now, not sure what deliver date is, I think early new year.
I know they are made at same plant as ranger and if I understand correct, same platform.

The full size Bronco is whole different animal, built at different plant and at this point all
you can do is reserve one. Big bronco had 230,000 reservations in first 3 weeks,
rumour is if you reserve now, 2 year waiting list, ( not sure how true this is)
full size order bank is suppose to open in December with first Delivers in April - May 2021.
We will see when I get to order.