New Bronco


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So no mention of any non Ford Product on a Ford Thread ? Seems a Little “Rigid” 😂

You need more Track Time Trevor 😁
no, you can mention other brands, but if it takes over the conversation, should have its own thread.

Keep in mind, the bronco has not even been released yet. Hard to compare it to anything.
Reality and no secret Ford is aiming this directly at Jeep.
It is biggest market and they want the business.
It is suppose to be as or more capable and likely will have many
attributes the are very similar to the Jeep.

What I find amusing about most of it, is these things are not cheap and
how many will be off road? At least when they are new. Even most jeeps
don't see serious off road duty until they age.

Aliona's Ranger rover is far more capable than any jeep, but never going to see
us drive it in the woods lol.


Even going to have features that Jeep dosn’t have.
One is capability to lock inside rear wheel for sharp turns when off-roading.
Allows to pivot more sharply in tight spots.

I think only Toyota has that on one of their more off road products.


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Ford's advertising agency caught just about every testosterone based advertising cliche' there is on that one.

The symphonic music almost drowned out the EB exhaust tone.

Almost. ;)

Don't think I'm a fan, but I'm not a fan of Jeeps either, no offence to anyone that owns one, or owns an EB for that matter.