My 05

05 gt 5spd

On the road again
A bit more done
Recycled LCA’s from Steeda are now installed - they work much better on the car than on the shelf in the garage. CABD2C56-DA1B-4117-AE30-822DC0477665.jpeg
A bit of paint on the brake calipers and we are ready for wheels .
The bushings were starting to loosen in both of the original arms

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05 gt 5spd

On the road again
Washed the car today and got it back inside before the weather went nasty . A very quick detail to get rid of the water spots and now it’s covered up to keep the dust off for a few weeks until the next winter works project starts. Decisions- decisions.
i need more signs



Good progress.
You will appreciate the LCA’s.

Good luck sign hunting.
It’s fun but can get a bit addicting, like die casts or anything else.
I’ve ordered a few from Garage Art over the years.
If you have US connection, they offer free shipping with purchases over $90.00 I believe.
Good selection too.

But it’s always fun to pick some up on road trips.