My 05

Gerry Welcome to Maritime Mustang, car looks good as always, many of us know all about your car and some of its adventures.
But it would be great if you could write about some of the mods, upgrades and the epic journey you went on last year.
That is likely a topic all by itself :)
05 GT 5sp, Great photo, One of those is the tail of the Dragon I think? How do you post your pics, they show up as Kind of attachments. I use Photo Bucket.
thundr;n171 said:
05 GT 5sp, Great photo, One of those is the tail of the Dragon I think? How do you post your pics, they show up as Kind of attachments. I use Photo Bucket.

You can direct link them and then choose the size below the box once in the thread or
attach directly from your photo album.
In time, likely only be able to post from Photo bucket, igmur, flicker, etc.
but for now both options are available.
My Mustang is a Black and Tan 2005 GT convertible that started out life in Quebec. It ended up on a dealers lot in Nova Scotia in 2008 and after a few false starts it ended up in my yard in October 2008 with about 38,000 km

I might as well say it now - Many of the parts on my car are "takeoffs". Many thanks to people who have tried things on their cars and the continued to make changes that made many parts unusable on their vehicles and their choice to make these parts available to me. Some parts came new with money exchanged, some came on trade for other parts and some were labour trades but the combination has made a car that I like to drive.

It's a 4.6 3v engine with a 5 speed. and 3.55 gears. Under hood has a 95mm WMS Ram Air intake , Ford racing strut tower brace, Fuel Rail Covers and a fuse box cover in Titanium Silver from Ford Racing. Gerry's own strut bolt covers finish out the under hood mods. A trip to Pete's performance dyno in New Hampshire fixed up the SCT handheld installed tune. No large HP numbers to brag about but OK for a NA engine.

The tan leather interior is a challenge to keep clean but is home to a Sirius Satellite Radio , an Orange 5 ball shifter knob and a Love the Drive Windscreen.
The black dashboard has been updated from a base model 4 gauge cluster to a 6 gauge unit and info buttons thanks to a helpful auto salvage in Georgia USA. A little help from an unnamed FORD tech and the beeping in reverse after the cluster change is now just a memory.

At about 80,000 kms I replaced the clutch due to a loose center hub- A Spec 2 clutch and pressure plate now live on the resurfaced flywheel.

The exhaust has seen a set of axle backs by Pypes "Pipe Bombs" for several years but the drone at 2000 rpm was a bit much on a long drive, I've been known to take a few of those. I changed to a set of Ford Racing KR500 axle backs - no drone here now and I'm told it sounds good even though very few mustangs have ever followed this car.

I visited Charlie Decker "The One Arm Bandit" at the Atlantic Nationals a few years ago and he added some of his fine pinstripe art to the rear trunk panel to make the view from the rear unique as the license plate.

Springs have been replaced front and rear with FM2006's to give a 1" drop in the front and a 1.5' drop in the rear, The differential carrier was replaced due to clutch pack wear and rear axle bearings and the pinion bearing was updated to the stronger GT500 style at the same time. The rear suspension was modified with an adjustable panhard rod for several seasons after the lowering and then updated to a slightly modified Saleen Watts link system.
Longer wheel studs and 5/8' wheel spacers have pushed out the repainted slightly darker than stock bullit style wheels to fill the wheel wells with Michelin Pilot sport AS3's.

That's about all I've done so far but drive it. Now has 186,000 kms - Time for a few winter works projects and we will be ready for the road in the spring of 2017.

Suspension and brakes need some attention

Here it is seen with a few friends

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Gerry I have followed your car on more than a few occasions, it sounds and looks great.
You and Jackie are a fixture with all Mustang groups in the Maritimes and now all across America.
The unique black with tan is somewhat rare and your easy to find in a crowd.
We can't for summer a few shows and cruises, even a few last minutes ones
even it is only Jackie, you, Aliona and I :)
I'm one of the few who have been granted the privilege of not only driving your 05, but I was also allowed to let it run on the Tail Of The Dragon a bit. It's a very fun car to drive, and is one of the things that pushed me to buy and modify my '06.
Checked the odometer and between the original 4 gauge and replacement 6 gauge looks like the car has traveled just over 225,000 km since it left Ford. Time to plan the winter works projects for spring 2020 . Rear axle needs some attention again , time to check the trackloc clutches for wear as there is too much driveline play for my liking. I’ve got gently used lower control arms to install as well. I might replace the rear shocks - I should do all 4 but funds will dictate that. Suggestions for shocks anyone?

And then see if there is money left over for the interior.
Do you have a source in mind ? Trot came up as a Canadian supplier but looks like the individual parts are (not lowered) a “kit with Springs” is the lowered option option. When I asked asked about lowered car they point to Koni
Sorry for delay.
Myself, I would get them from DaSilva.
They now have free shipping to compete with some of the big American discount sites.
The folks you spoke to are obviously not Mustang folks.
You can pair Bilsteins with lowered car.
You need the B6 HD dampers and they will work very well.
I have them on 1 inch lowered car and love them.
Maxime is one recent example where he paired them with Eibach pro springs and loves the result. Check his build thread.
If you want confirmation from a vendor that they are sending you the right damper for your lowered Mustang, I would reach out to Dasilva.
Phone is 905-837-7700. Speak with Cashus.
He is Front office/Parts guy and a licensed tech as well as Mustang owner.
He will send you exactly what you need, if you are looking for that piece of mind.
I will say the obvious, regardless of where you shop from,
please at least look at our sponsors sites to see if they have what you want.
Supporting them when we can is good business.
Do you have a source in mind ? Trot came up as a Canadian supplier but looks like the individual parts are (not lowered) a “kit with Springs” is the lowered option option. When I asked asked about lowered car they point to Koni for the Bilstein. Cheapest price by far I’ve found.

I have them in the rear for now, front to follow soon, but it changed the car out. From the reading on other forums, konis aren’t even close to bilstein in the s197. I do not regret mine and would do it again.
Purchase where you chose.
I answered question of source with where I would go.
I felt you were not given good information with the first contact you made.
I had heard RockAuto has good prices and they list Canadian prices on their site.
I thought they were Canadian but I checked as I answered and they are American too.
For me if prices are close between Canadian and US sources, I will lean toward supporting Canadian business over American.
The important point is that the Bilsteins will work on your car.
Hopefully Santa is generous to you and you are blessed with a good budget to work with.
It’s nice to know that a particular product will work . The ability learn from others good experiences one of the great parts of the forum .