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Not quite a month in and I am 210.6
so not quite 4 lbs. Not quick as I thought.
But I am good with that, If I can lose .5 to 1 lb per week

Over the next 2-3 months I will be where I want.
Stay working out 4/5 days a week.
Little better conditioning, I would be quite happy.

With more free time and weather getting nicer and less places to
go, I might be forced, I mean asked to go walk with wife and dog lol.

Anyone else making any progress or am I out here alone?


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Losing too much too quickly is part of the fad diet appeal and our need for immediate results, one pound per week is a pretty healthy and obtainable goal. I'd say you're on the right path, plus with working out, remember that muscle tissue weighs more than fat but takes up less space, so you could be making more progress than the scale shows, thats just a number. I think the best indicator might be how your clothes feel, as in getting looser ?


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210 lbs yesterday, so another .6 drop
one day on weekend I lost 2lbs in one day, next day gained 2lbs lol.
Getting harder being home more, with free time one is tempted to eat more,
even if it is healthier lol.

Keep plugging away, be in race seat shape in no time :)


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Today 209.4

Just slowly plugging away.
For those doing similar don't get discouraged.
Easy to do, Twice this week I was over 210
and twice under 209

There will be ups and downs, maybe even the odd week you gain a little.
Stick with it and in the long run it pays off.
Also hopefully better habits when done, will help keep it off.