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Another conversation last night, Diets.
Die with a T added lol.
But many of us being middle age or more are dealing with middle age spread.
Not everyone is Max :)

We now need to work at or should ;)
what do you do if anything?
does it actually work?


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I go in and sweat for an hour each time. My goal is to be able to tie my own shoes when I’m 80 😁 No Velcro Sneakers for me 👍
i am looking at slip ons :)
I am not going on a diet really, eat a little smarter,
I have mini gym in basement, so no excuses, but forget what I have down there,
so a visit is in order. I lost 12 lbs last fall, gained about half back.
I need to drop about 10-12 lbs so not crazy, also just better overall conditioning.


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Move more, eat less.

Portion control counts for a lot, not many use it, do you need that heaping spoonful when a level spoonful will do? Read the nutritional labels on the package, pay attention to the portion size for the numbers quoted, companies play with the numbers by adjusting the portion size so that it sounds better than it is. Don't feel like because you have large plate you need to fill it with food, use a smaller plate and it looks fuller. Theres lots of mind tricks you can pick up with the psychology of eating.

Just because you're watching what you eat doesn't mean you have to deprive yourself of the things you enjoy, thats why most diets fail. Don't "diet", most see that as a means to a goal, you need to fundamentally change how you look at eating and make a lifestyle change, diets are doomed to fail because they're temporary . If you feel like you're giving something up, as diets tend to do, you feel like you're missing out and fail, make the choice to eat better and you'll miss nothing.

Avoiding fast food altogether is the single best thing you can do for yourself, nothing like getting a whole days worth of calories in one meal.

Don't under estimate the power of walking every day, and I mean not just a walk, pick up the pace and get your heart beating for at least 30 minutes, and even pick up the pace walking out to the car in the morning. Park out in the boonies at the mall, avoid the idiots and pick up the pace going in.


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I agree with above, its a lifestyle change and balance.
eat less, workout more. Older we get the bigger the challenge.
I have decided to at least start going down stairs and working out 4/5 days a week.
even 20 minutes a day makes a difference.


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Ya an old Friend of mine has a Fatty Liver too and he definitely isn’t enjoying life like he did in the past, over consumption of alcohol certainly had something to do with his current condition. Everything in moderation 👍


A few years ago my Doc wasn’t happy with my weight or blood sugar levels so he suggested that I should take better care of myself. One of the things he said was that there are 21 meals in a week and that I need to be good for 18 of them. I now jtend to eat smaller meat portions most of the time and include a salad and more veggies in my diet as well as playing hockey a few times a week. I dropped about 30 lbs over a few years doing this and until I got hurt I’m December I was at 195lbs. I’m over 200 lbs again but its starting to go away


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Since January I have been doing many of the same things... smaller portions, eating healthier, drinking more water, walking more, etc. I lost a couple of pounds. Since the end of January I have been trying Intermittent Fasting. I was skeptical at first but have now been doing it for a month, and I feel great. You can tailor the length of the fast and when you start to your lifestyle. For me, I finish eating my last meal before 6pm. Then I don't eat anything until 10am the next morning... 16 hours. I never thought I'd be able to do it as I am late night snacker but I pushed through the cravings, drink more water and now most nights I don't think of eating. I wasn't a big breakfast eater anyway so the mornings are usually fine to. When I reach 10am, I eat smart... boiled egg, some fruit, oats or oatmeal then lunch at noon. I use an iPhone app called Zero that tracks the time and offers advice and motivation. Some people do monthly 36 hour fasts, some do 12 hours. Research into fasting is growing. There was a story on CBC Radio that I heard that drew me to the concept. Google should help you find it. I'm down 13lbs now and hoping to loose another 20lbs this year. Not for everyone but something to consider. Oh and I don't fast on Saturday nights. Its my cheat night and I also drink 3 Liters of water a day. I'm the type that needs motivation so I have apps that track everything on my phone for my weight, reminders to drink water and the fasting. That and support from family.


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Not so funny story about weight control in relation to smoking, back in the late 60’s my Grandmother,s female co-workers suggested She start smoking (She was in her 50s and up to then had never smoked before), so she picked up the habit and died a smoking related death at 62. The money you save on cigarettes would pay for a personal trainer 💪
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