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I have been bouncing up and down over last 2 weeks
as high as 202.8
as low as 200.4
Likely the odd hours and eating
far later than I should.

today 201.6 so getting closer.
to the goal, hopefully next two weeks I will
hit my mark.


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checking in a day early.
likely smart, having BBQ today lol.

200.4 lbs. less than 1/2 lb to go
and goal reached, might be a tough 1/2 lb.
let you know mext week.

Then need to working conditioning after that
more than I have. Work schedule doesn't leave
much time for work outs :)

05 gt 5spd

On the road again
That sounds like great progress. I’ve still got a long way to go but still heading in the right direction most of the time. Hitting those spots that hang for two weeks is hard but I’m keeping on the plan!


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SO last Friday I reached my goal of 200 lbs or less.
I checked it everyday for last week.
going over once 200.4 lbs.
mostly right around 199.8
once 199.2
so after 17 weeks, I have dropped aprroximately 15 lbs.

If rough weeks but over all small loss every week.
Now the goal is to maintain and hopefully
do a little conditioning.

I will update ever so often, to show I am staying on track
or losing the battle to stay at this wieght lol.
I think having to own up helps a little :)

I know a few others are working on it, keep at it
slow and steady will get you there.
Unfortunately only for wieght loss,
Mustangs are fast and first LOL>