Crazy Weather events in your area


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I came home to sleep this morning at 8 am, and 5 minutes at home got a call, dump truck
not shifting :rolleyes: So off to fix, that then another call and so on, so I finally get home now.
going to eat lunch and have to go fix something else. by then I will need to go salt, hmmmm
I am think I don't like this stuff anymore.

Arron, how do I get me one of those Gov jobs? you hiring ? :ROFLMAO:
Got a couple openings...requires relocation with no relocation allowance.....dont ask about the pay, the experience alone is priceless and dont want to cheapen it by attaching a number! Want me to post the recruitment video?!!


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Well snow, freezing rain and then a lot of rain last night.
long day 25 hours, and now all gone lol. washed a lot of salt away.
plus 5 today, back to minus 11 tonight, bit of cold snap but good weather
for next several days.

Sunny and cold, catch up on sleep and be rested for Sat night.
Can't wait to see some folks and talk cars etc.