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Well not that crazy, but forecaster were up to speed,
15 cm from 5cm forecast, freezing rain tonight not in forecast
Another long day, Wish I were in NF, make a fortune cleaning that up.

The guy I worked for during white Juan, gold it white gold.
I worked 20 hours a day for 3 weeks straight, couldn't get enough people
to run all the gear we had going, including excavators lol.


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The official ECCC storm event summary:

Weather summary for Newfoundland issued by Environment Canada at 3:00 p.m. NST Sunday 19 January 2020.


A powerful January storm brought intense winds and record-breaking snowfall to parts of Newfoundland on Friday into Friday night.

A new all-time daily snowfall record was established at St. John's International Airport.

New record: 76.2 cm (January 17, 2020).
Previous daily record: 68.4 cm (April 5, 1999).
Records began in 1942.

The above total is applicable for the January 17 climatological day, which is a 24 hour period ending at 2:30 A.M. NST on January 18. An additional 2.0 cm was recorded after 2:30 A.M.

The area of low pressure responsible for the snow and wind emerged from the northeastern United States early Thursday and began to rapidly intensify as it moved over the Gulf of Maine. The system deepened into a powerful storm as it tracked southeast of the Avalon Peninsula on Friday, before departing into the North Atlantic early Saturday.

The storm battered the eastern half of the island with heavy
snowfall, extremely high winds and damaging coastal storm surge.

The following is a summary of information received by Environment and Climate Change Canada as of 2:30 P.M. NST Sunday.

Total snowfall (in centimetres):

Mount Pearl: 93
Paradise: 91
St. John's East: 82
St. John's International Airport: 78
Mount Carmel: 61
Lethbridge: 48
Gander International Airport: 35
Gander West: 35
St. Lawrence: 31
Grand Falls-Windsor: 10

Maximum wind gusts (in kilometres per hour):

Green Island, Fortune Bay: 171
Bonavista: 164
Grates Cove: 156
Heart's Delight-Islington: 156
Cape Pine: 146
Green Island, Trinity Bay: 145
Twillingate: 140
St. John's - Doheney Place: 134
St. John's - East White Hills: 132
St-Pierre: 130
St. John's - Dockyard: 129
Pass Island: 126
Allan's Island: 116
Holyrood: 114
Bishop's Cove: 113
Ramea: 109
St. Lawrence: 106
Burgeo: 105
St. John's West: 105
Deer Park: 101
North Harbour: 101
Gander: 97

At St. John's International Airport the official wind sensor
malfunctioned during the storm. Reported winds were estimated to be between 65 and 85 knots (120 to 157 km/h). However, it will likely not be possible to provide a verified maximum gust.

The wind sensor at Gander International Airport also briefly
malfunctioned. The highest gust at the nearby Gander climate station was measured as reaching 97 km/h.

The following area set a daily minimum temperature record on January 18, 2020:

Winterland Area (Winterland Branch Hill)
New record of -17.9
Old record of -17.8 set in 2001
Records in this area have been kept since 1970

Note: the temperature record reported here has been derived from a selection of historical stations in this geographic area that were active during the period of record.

Please note that this summary may contain preliminary or unofficial information and does not constitute a complete or final report.



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the funniest part of that is climate day, looks like a major problem lack of cold and snow
in that part of the world :p
Crazy numbers.


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Now, what would really add to the mess would be if the Avalon got one of the warm fronts with rain, that they can get from time to time. That would fossilize things in ice til they get their 3 weeks of summer in mid July! Like Badger, NL back in 2010!

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Went from freezing to very nice weather in one week so everyone was confused, even the little fella in black didn't know what the heck is going on. Photos were taken this past Saturday during a snowmobile weekend trip in the Bathurst area. The poor guy would just not move off the trail as we waited for close to half hour trying to get him to move but he just wouldn't. Don't have to tell you that the women were a bit nervous when we decided to go ahead and crawled by
I'm the first one facing up the hill in the pic and when we went by he just looked. We figure a young bear that could have lost his mother during the fall and he has no idea what hibernation is ?? He looked fine and well fed as there are many camps in the area. But must say that none of us has ever seen or even heard of a bear walking around in January.......Crazy weather !!