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Yup hear ya's, winter is not for everyone.....
We just got in today from a 3 night Ski-doo trip at Restigouche Chalet's in Kedgwick and can't think of a better way to deal with this white gold situation............After being kinda locked up for so long man did it ever feel good to see old friends again and hang out a bit. :):)



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With Plus 17 and sunny on Friday, A good soing of rain Saturday night,
and another + 16 today, it is starting to look a bit like spring.
Roads around HRM although spring dirty, about 95% of salt is gone.
I have no doubt we will see some snow or at very least a couple more salt events
before its over, but long range is showing 5-6 days of rain over next couple of weeks.
If this keeps up, we could see an early april fit to drive, which would be rare but not
unheard of. Have to admit, getting a little excited for spring and the start of Mustang season. :)


Glad some parts are going to enjoy an early spring.
It won’t be the case up here.

We didn’t get 20 but we got another 10 cm yesterday and overnight with freezing rain and rain.
At -1 to 2 degrees, there’s not much melting going on.

So it had to be cleared today with nights bellow freezing and a call for flurries all week, with possible more snow Friday.
Snowmobiles still going strong.

I have more room than Roger to pile the snow so it doesn’t look as dramatic.

This pile is 7 feet tall all the way across.


These 2 piles are each 10 feet tall.




Well, doesn’t look like winter is ready to call it a season yet up here.
We’re getting another 10 to 20 cm Friday.

Meanwhile, we got a cold night Monday into Tuesday.
Down to -9, so groomed the ski trails early Tuesday morning.
Great conditions for spring skiing.
Hard and fast for ski skating.

Even the snowmobile groomer was going yesterday and overnight into this morning.

With the time change and late daylight, been out skiing after work the last 2 days right up til dark.
Fastest and best conditions of the season.
Not cold and the tunes rocking in the Air Pods.



Fun GT

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Yup your snowmobile trails were awesome I agree.
Went for a run up your way yesterday for the first time and must say great trails. Didn't quite make it up to your place though as we turned around due to time.
Met a friend on the way back. lol
Must say that my heart kinda stopped when I saw this standing on a bridge around a corner. Good thing we were just moving along slowly.



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We were due to get freezing rain last night, I woke up at 12:20 to cheal, all good
2;30 am and a bit, but not enough to go out at 6 am pure rain and alot of it,
another wash of roads.

Seen some hot rods and muscle cars going this week, likely most roads clean, but still bit early
for me, but if this keeps up early spring for sure.
I know sitting in my office this morning, looking at car undeer wraps,
it is sure tempting to crank it up tomorrow when it sunny and 10-11 degrees outside,
going to take will power now LOL


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Roaming around HRM and all the fringe areas still a bit of salt residue,
but main part of city is clean, tricky week ahead, chance of a couple of cm,
depends when it comes and if salts needed, but followed by more rain later
in week. So so close, I can almost taste it or smell the gas, hear the rumble of the exhaust :D


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Monday saw a couple cm of snow and some areas of city were salted, most were not.
With rain and drizzle last 2 days, its clean again, but winter won't let go.
Calling for 5 cm this Monday. which at the least means another shot of salt.

I am thinking of bringing my car home tomorrow, roads I need to travel are clean.
But it will take another rain or 2 after Monday to be able to drive it anywhere.
Could clean it and get ready :)

1st world problem's. :rolleyes:


Don’t want to take up too much space in Charlie’s corral thread.

But took these pics yesterday before heading to work for comparison.
Still not a spot of bare ground anywhere up here.
They were still salting and laying sand Tuesday.
Although yesterday was our first noticeable melt day of this new year.
It got up to around 8 briefly in late afternoon and we got a bit of drizzle early in morning.

But we got a couple cm of snow last night and there is drifting snow today.

Down driveway toward road from house.


Between house and shed.


Grass in front of house.


Yard and grass in front of shed.


Field behind house, looking north east toward Cambelton.


Charlie’s house to compare.



Instead of complaining about the amount of snow today, I exploited it for a great day of spring skiing.
Awesome day with tunes blasting in the air pods.
Near perfect conditions for this time of year.

One of the trails comes close to this field on a ridge.
This view is looking northwest across the Saint-John river into Maine.
The ridge in foreground is in NB and the one in background is Maine.




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Scrap and light salt here, raining now, all bare here.
likely couple more cm today before over and another salt tonight, :(
but nothing big, used 1 ton where we would normally use 3
and tonight will be light so hopefully not much to clean up.

holding out for spring yet lol.