Crazy Weather events in your area


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This one starting around 10 pm, light flurries, snowing by 2 am,
worst of it over by 8am, finishing around noon with flurries into afternoon.
my guess, 10.8 cm total.
wind is not nuts and a bit cold, so shouldd be easy plowing or shovelling :)

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Dave and Bev Smith
-30 this morning here again.
Not much of anything except maybe a fee light flurries here tomorrow.

Hope all is good and safe for everyone down south.
Had an emergency shipment to Edmundston.Stay at hotel tonight and unload a truck full of hospital beds in the morning.Is the Ford dealer by the casino fairly new?

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We started getting flurries this afternoon in Western NS and may go on through the night. Light stuff. Not enough to plow yet but roads are greasy. Made me look back at photos from the last run of 2020 on 29 November at Pinkney's Point down past Yarmouth. It was a beautiful day to finish the year.

Soon again... Starting to see hope...



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Weekend ended up being 12.8cm and took 23 hours to complete :(
makes for very long weekend :(

Tonight here couple cm of snow and 10-20 mm of rain,
plus 7 tomorrow., this week above 0 during day, below at night.
early for this. But I think its safe to say not over yet.

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December and January I guess we were under snow Restrictions.

February, and now looks like March too, they have lifted the Restrictions, making up for lost time !!


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Were getting rain and pretty good wind.
here now after very mild weekend
and then a quick freeze back to -9 windchill -15
I suspect some icy roads in morning.

I am hoping this is the in like a lamb thing ( even if not snow)
Not that I trust it at all, but next couple weeks are pretty low key
and not much weather in forecast.

Hoping for early spring :)


We got wet snow.
Snowed all day at temps around 0 to +1.
20 cm or so.
Winds picked and bottom dropped out of thermometer around 9 last night and been going ever since.
Current temp -19, wind chill -29.
TCH is closed from St-Leonard all the way down to Woodstock because of poor visibility.
First time that’s happened since that new highway was built.