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Yeah some roads are closed up here too Marc. We got quite a bit of snow, but no heavy stuff, and now think we are getting your snow brought down with them
Was out 3 times with the tractor since yesterday afternoon and helped neighbours out this morning as it is friggin' cold out there ..


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Whiteout conditions across most of PEI. Collisions have a number of roads & intersections blocked. Doesn't seem so bad to be working from the home office today, only going out to grab the newspaper before it blew to the neighbors. Oh, yea.... Mustangs due to come out of the stables in 8 weeks..... A better sign of spring than a rodent that doesn't like the sun! March comes in like a lion & goes out like a lamb? Fingers crossed!!

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Dave and Bev Smith
We got wet snow.
Snowed all day at temps around 0 to +1.
20 cm or so.
Winds picked and bottom dropped out of thermometer around 9 last night and been going ever since.
Current temp -19, wind chill -29.
TCH is closed from St-Leonard all the way down to Woodstock because of poor visibility.
First time that’s happened since that new highway was built.
Been to Caraquet today and in Campbellton tonight.Driving was worse I've seen in years.Old highway closed from Caraquet to Campbellton.Edmundston run had to be called off due to highway closures.


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Well all 5 forecast I follow were wrong, imagine the shock :rolleyes:
.02 of a cm, turned into 2-4cm with high winds, nice little mess.
chasing this stuff is no fun, as I unwind after 6 hours of salting,
I am setting alarm for 3:30 am to go do again before morning rush.

I am telling you, should have been a weather man.
I can't imgine being wrong this often and having
a job :oops:


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+ 14 Friday to feeling like we are going to freeze to death today :(
Couple more days and warms up again. I don't pay to much attention
to long range forecasts, but I hope the next 2 weeks are correct.

Wednesday back up to pluses and stays that way during day
for next 2 weeks, next week see's overnight temps above 0
with could serious rains late next week.

If this is true, we could see and early spring and maybe just maybe,
less than a month from firing up the baby :)

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On the road again
Well, temps have gone from 0 C at 5AM to -4 C at 7:30AM , must be 10 cm down now and the wind is blowing. The snow is like dry salt to try and shovel, just keeps sliding away.

Sunshine and +5 forecast tomorrow for the first day of Spring - Maritine spring time at its greatest