Crazy Weather events in your area


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Best kind of weather for spreading asphalt! Try to get some seat time...Lord knows how long the fine weather will last!
I am fortunate, unlike many other small business, I am quite busy.
Seems everything outdoors is busy, which is good to see.
I have this weekend booked off, which means I should only work
8-9 hours over weekend lol.

I plan on at least a spin or two, :)
Managed to get car booked for tires next thursday.
and have couple shops look at it for paint.

I hope every gets some seat tiem, BBQ time and maybe even a couple
of wobbly pops :)

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We saw 37-38 degrees Thursday and Friday, tonight 13 with winds that will take you away if not tied down. Screw it came home from trailer park, same weather at home but at least not getting rocked around and freezing next to