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Hertz said in a U.S. court filing on Friday that it voluntarily filed for Chapter 11 reorganization. Its international operating regions including Europe, Australia and New Zealand were not included. However Canada is included in the U.S. proceedings.

In an attempt to appease creditors holding asset-backed securities that finance its fleet of more than 500,000 vehicles, Hertz has proposed selling more than 30,000 cars a month through the end of the year in an effort to raise around $5 billion US, a person familiar with the matter said. Hertz earlier signaled it could avoid bankruptcy if it received relief from creditors or financial aid the company and its competitors have sought from the U.S. government.
The firm is reeling from government orders restricting travel and requiring citizens to remain home. A large portion of Hertz's revenue comes from car rentals at airports, which have all but evaporated.
With nearly $19 billion US of debt and roughly 38,000 employees worldwide as of the end of 2019, Hertz is among the largest companies to be undone by the pandemic.
Read an interesting article on the changes in the last 8 years with the big rental companies. Vehicles used to be leased, run to 30k and flipped back. Then they figured "why not squeeze a bit more out of them". Companies started buying the vehicles, flipped the higher mileage cars to offshoot "budget" companies, held by the big players. And then turn them again at auction.

For anyone renting over the years....remember when the key fob had a little tag that said "if you like it, call us to purchase". Hertz and Budget run their own care sales they dont lose the auction broker fee....

Sometimes corporate greed comes home to roost!


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Trying to figure something out.
If 6' distancing works, why do we need mask?
If mask works, why do we need distancing ?
if both work, why are we locked down?

Seems something is not right with info.
Every way I do math, something does not add up.
So help me out???
The bit you are missing is that there are too many stupid people who cannot be bothered to do any of the above, are incapable of following arrows in a supermarket, and are too dumb to stay 6 feet away.

At least there is a chance of keeping things contained if these measures stay in place.


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The bit you are missing is that there are too many stupid people who cannot be bothered to do any of the above, are incapable of following arrows in a supermarket, and are too dumb to stay 6 feet away.

At least there is a chance of keeping things contained if these measures stay in place.
OMG, thats so true here as well, the question is.....are they stupid or ignorant ?? Or both?

Too many times I have to correct people on going the wrong way in the supermarket.....


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Scary in the States, all over the News, beaches, clubs. No physical distancing, no masks, there was even a car stopped on a Bridge packed with people that the occupants of the car were throwing money out of the sunroof.

And Quebec is the Epicentre in Canada, so for the Love of God, keep NBs border closed ☠

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Lockdown is to keep the diversity of the gene pool. Keeping safe from stupid isn't always in the hands of the Wise.
Here is one for you guys:

Stupid = ER Doctor (imported) working Regional Hospital as well as Montreal ER. Returns from hub of Covid-19 (Montreal) after working ER shifts up there and does not self-isolate like instructed to !! Now works local ER shifts which in turn = fall back to Level Orange recovery phase, closure of local ER for decontamination, task of testing over 3000 innocent people and Hospital Staff in upcoming days, expectation of a huge surge in confirmed cases, total loss of all work done at borders to keep population safe etc. etc. and last but not least a good possibility this could lead to some deaths in the community ??

There are no words for what I and most people in our area are feeling at the moment !!!!!!! We were doing so good and worked so hard at keeping this thing at bay !! Been a long time since I felt so much frustration and even anger at someone I don't even know !!!!!

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Yes sir I do realize that exceptions are in place for health care workers which is in general a good thing, after all I do work the Border Checkpoints. But also there are guidelines and rules that apply to everyone which the gentleman in question did not he just plainly lied to the Officers who screened him upon his entry to New Brunswick. But of course I know more than I can say (due to confidentiality issues) and this makes me a bit more informed on the situation which in turn is not fair to others who don't really have access to all the facts. Posted below are what the Premier and Chief Medical Officer from the Province said yesterday which hopefully can help you understand our frustration and our situation:

New Brunswick has reported its third new case of COVID-19 in the last week and all are in a single cluster connected to a health-care worker at the Campbellton Hospital who failed to self-isolate after travelling to Quebec.

"These cases are linked to someone who travelled back to New Brunswick and did not self isolate. The case involved a health-care worker who saw patients and also worked at the Campbellton Regional Hospital," said Dr. Jennifer Russell, chief medical officer of health said Wednesday afternoon during a news conference in Fredericton.

New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs said there are rules in place and they must be followed and now because of "one irresponsible individual" a number of patients at the Campbellton Hospital might have been exposed.

We are still contact tracing, but we know this zone is currently at a higher risk due to actions of one irresponsible individual," Higgs said. "We know we'll see more cases connected to this."

Higgs, who says the person was not "forthcoming about their reasons for travel upon returning to New Brunswick."

Dr. Russell says the investigation into the situation is underway. She won't say if there will be repercussions for the individual, but the premier was more blunt.

"If charges need to be laid, they will," Higgs said. "We don't have all the facts, but over the coming days, we will get them."


As I said, it'll be interesting to hear both sides of the story, ie ALL the facts. So far all I see is a rush to judgement based on heresay and innuendo. Also remember that the doc is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

And don't get me started on the offensiveness of the term Imported doctor, both my parents were imported doctors and I had enough of the oh you're from away bullshit growing up in PEI

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Someone mentioned awhile back that I was pretty much quiet on this forum and did not say a lot. Well now you know why. I rarely get involved in chit chats on forums and don't even have a Facebook account and today it more than enforces the reasons as to why I don't. But I do enjoy all the reading, stories, jokes and really love all the information that comes out of this site, but it can become dangerous waters very quickly.

So before I shut this thing off I just wanted to re-assure you Rich that I do not base my comments on hearsay and/or innuendo. The region here has been struck really hard in the past few days and things are escalating at lightning speed. The information coming at us is from very reliable sources and I would say that it is quite accurate. Now for obvious reasons I can't divulge specifically what took place in this situation but in time you will find out and maybe you will have a clearer view of the events. Man I am really sorry that you were offended by the word imported as I just meant he came in from somewhere else, in this case the province of Quebec (Montreal) which is the hub at the moment for the Virus in that province , said nothing about race and by the way I have friends from different ethnic origines that I respect very much. I am convinced that you have awesome parents and do thank them for their hard work through the years, it has nothing to do with this situation.

I am also convinced that the other ER doctors that came out this morning saying they have tested positive would be glade to discuss the actions of their "former" (looks like he left town) co-worker and I don't believe they will base their story on hearsay and innuendo ?? You could also touch base with all of the Business People in town here that had to shut down A.S.A.P. yesterday once the news came out, I am sure they too would be glade to entertain your point of view on this matter. Actually Premier Higgs would probably enjoy hearing your point of view on this as well, sounds like he is just short of "pissed" ??? You should know that this Doctor was extremely reckless in his actions and if you want to defend this go for it !!! I have said my last words !!!!!!!


I’m not defending him but to put it another way, we’ve only heard from the prosecution, not from the defence. It may be that there is not a reasonable defence and that he f**ked up big time and needs to be held responsible for his actions. I’ve also read that he was working in 2 locations in different provinces which is how he became infected. That leads to a whole host of other questions, not the least of which is why was he doing that.
I still believe until the whole story comes out we can’t make a proper judgment, I understand why so many people are upset, it appeared that NB had pretty much stopped the spread of COVID-19 until this happened