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As I am sure everyone knows this is a world wide Pandemic.
Pretty much every major sporting event, concert and large events are canceled
or being canceled.

Travel is grinding to a halt little by little. I suspect not much will change
until they get a handle on this. Whats your thoughts?
Yup it is definitely going to get worst before it gets better.

My wife works for WestJet and the amount of people calling and changing or cancelling flights and trips is growing by the minute. Like you said not much will change until they get a handle on it. As mentioned in a another thread the best way to help control this is to avoid large crowds so that the cases are few and fare between. Will be a difficult few months I would suspect. People are panic buying essentials.
Even the Trudeau's are quarantined as Sophie tested positive ............... ouch
Parliament out till mid April. Agree, this is going to get worse before it gets better.
Stock Markets are upside down, people are in a panic with their savings..........those looking at retirement confused.......not good !!

Have a few friends that just cancelled their Vacations down south. One of my buddies just returned from Mexico, wife is a teacher and she was instructed to stay home for 14 days. He works with me and told to come to work ?? Another couple just came back from Las Vegas and they were told at customs to self quarantine at home. So where do we stand ?? :unsure:
Just watch the news for a bit, only thing on is reports about the virus. Long list of things being cancelled along with stuff we already know about, catholic church cancelling services, CN tower closed for a month only to name a few plus lines at food stores out of hand....... panic is really setting in !!
Yes people are going nuts, stocking up incase you have to self quarantine is likely good idea.
2-3 weeks of stuff is likely fine.
But buying enough toilet paper for 6 years is extreme.

I have a small amount in stocks, dropped 21% in 2.5 weeks
For me just wait it out, not that big of a problem.
really tough on those who live on returns.

Like fuel prices, great when filling up the car, but really bad for our economy and
Canadian dollar, it affects us all, higher prices for other products etc.

Hopefully this closing of everything helps and keeps strain off of heath care
and allows researches to work on cure faster. That will take months at best.
Looks like Uber Eats for a couple of weeks....
ya, no!
We will cooking more, better control over food and products.
We actually eat home 98% of time anyway, far more than average.

Aaron you going to be aloud to leave the US ofA?
I guess 2 more weeks off when you get home?
Phone and computer work.

I suspect you have been working last few days of your holiday.
Yea...have 14 day isolation for anyone returning to PEI, NS and other provinces from international travel. House and fridge has been empty for 3 weeks now. Need to restock somehow. Work will be remote but have alot of that anyway, so shouldn't be any different. Considered staying here but dont want to get caught by a border closure. Should be interesting to what the processing procedures coming back will be. Any inside lines on here?
Truduea in Isolation, his wife has it.
major announcements on travel and
slowing down air traffic from high rise countries.
but no outright bans yet.

Asking all international travellers to self quarantine
another .75% drop in bank of Canada rate, so anyone thinking of redoing montage nows the time.

No cruise ships of 500 people or more until July 1.

Here most gov's have shut down and gov worker away is auto stay away for 14 days upon return.
Ontario few other provinces have closed schools for 2 weeks past March break,
not done here yet, but makes since.

All Universities are shutting down and likely doing online to finish year.
Almost any even in NS has been canceled including outdoor show this weekend in halifax.
all school sports and UNI sports programs done.

To be honest likely most is normal now and expect much of same.
People lining up outside of costco for can good and toilet paper, stupidly insane.

Aaron if you have family that can go do a little shopping for you, send them now so you have
what you need when home, without contact. Aliona and i have found most smaller drug stores have toilet paper.
and all required. any kind of sanitizers are a challenge to find anywhere, might have to get creative.
But you can still buy soap :)

As you likely have already read, this is early stages and I expect it to get worse before better.
But if people have a brain and limit where they go and what they do, lowing odds of spreading.
As term being used, to help flatten the curve of this.

Fortunately for us, we have quiet life so not overly concerned.
avoiding the obvious.
I didn’t need any, but the aisle at Costco that was normally fully of toilet paper,Kleenex and paper towels now has pop. My Barber and his wife are leaving for Cuba on April 4th for 3 weeks. And he doesn’t think he has to self isolate for 14 days upon return? Last time I checked, Cuba was outside of Canada ?
Yes things are changing minute by minute. I don’t understand the panic to get food and stuff. Just creates shortages and chaos. Stores will remain open so calm down lol. In-laws were supposed to stay in Florida until Friday but coming home tomorrow. 14 day quarantine for them as well. With my hand I’ve had the “upper hand” :LOL: on quarantine. Feels like it anyway because I don’t leave the house much ?
Weird checking in at MCO this morning.... All calm but a lineup at empty hand sanitizer stations. Westjet agent said there were travelers getting off the Toronto flight who just went and got their bags and went to departure counter to get a return flight home. Said it was a zoo for 12 hours with rebooking flights after Disney and Universal announced their closures after tomorrow. I'm afraid this is just the first wave of reactions by mostly rational folks.
I went to grocery store this morning, line ups were crazy, so I just started coughing and keep mumbling
need to get home to self Isolate after trip from china and I was at check out in 2 minutes,
funny how people got out of line up :ROFLMAO:

P.S> just kidding