2007 Mustang GT/CS Vert


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First autocross for this season was yesterday. Driving skills were a little rusted out due to be two years since last event I had time to go to (2019). First outing with the car set in the configuration it currently is (GT500 wheels, 275 section tires square, upgraded brakes/fluid/Hot Rod Cams). Car felt good and well planted. I have both sway bars full stiff, the rear one should be backed a notch or two as it's a little more tail happy than I'd like. Did loose the car and clipped three cones in the process on the first run and proceeded to complete the started donut before finishing my run. :)

Obviously being out of practice and the only heavy boat there last night, I could not keep the pace of the more experienced drivers with purpose built autocross machines on better tires and overall lighter weight (example of lightweight in the picture below). Still finished with a respectable best time of 53.878 on a course designed for a Miata sized car. For comparatives, the quickest in my group got a 45.929 with an FD RX-7 and following closely by another MMSC member in a fully prepped S2000 with 46.976. Both cars way lighter/smaller than the Mustang.

I will be touching base with my gear installer this weekend to schedule the car drop off and work to be performed. At the same time i'll do these, since the diff cover is obviously off the car, i'll have him install the watts link system as well. This mod will once again change the behaviors of the car drastically i've heard and read, so the next autocross will be way different. In the event of this installation, the rear swaybar will be set two settings looser.



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Lots of fun at autocross. I should give it another shot. Have they come up with any way to make it more efficient? I remember lots and lots of standing around and waiting.

Don't really know what ''could'' be changed to be more efficient. There is still one car running directly after the other. Two running groups (one working the stations while the other drive and vice-versa). There will always be that less thrilling portion of the night where you work the stations (to replace the cones when knocked down as I did gracefully, give the start signal, mark on the board) when the other running group is driving. If that is the waiting time you're referring to then, no, that will likely not have changed. BUT, between the two driving groups switching, this have been a little more efficient than it was before.
And there is still some length of time if you arrive ultra-early in the ''registration timeframe'' where you'll have registered, walked the course 5 times and will be waiting for the driver's meeting to kick-off the night :)


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For this summer's events (which I'll list maybe in a different post), the schedule is as follow:

Weekends (Sunday)Weekdays (Wednesday)
8:00am - Setup Begins3:00pm - Setup Begins
10:15am - Registration Opens5:00pm - Registration Opens
10:30am - Newbie Driver Pre-Meeting5:10pm - Newbie Driver Pre-Meeting
10:45am - Newbie Course Walk5:25pm - Newbie Course Walk
11:00am - Tech Begins5:00pm - Tech Begins
12:30pm - Driver's Meeting6:00pm - Driver's Meeting
1:00pm - First Car on Course6:30pm - First Car on Course
4:00pm - End of Runs/Cleanup9:00pm - End of Runs/Cleanup

Example of yesterday:
- I got out of work at 5pm (registrations opens at 5pm).
- Went home, got the car, got some fuel AND stopped at Tim's Horton pickup a sandwich, proceeding to coliseum (It's now 5h35PM).
- Arrived at coliseum, signed the waiver and proceeded to walk the course with a sandwich in my hand (5h45PM)
- Driver's meeting at 6PM
- 1st car on course per schedule 6h30PM.

I've cut myself a little under an hour of wait time ;) Same can be done for the weekend ones (arriving around the end of the tech time listed in the schedule, very close to the driver's meeting).


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you have a car yet? going to share?
I am guessing a Vette, you are a cheby type guy.
You'll learn with age LOL, maybe :)

He loves foreign languages :)

Max, are you doing 3.73’s?

They help get off the line with the cams.
You would like it.
I noticed when I did that.
Because you lose a bit of low end with the cams.
And mo issue on highway. At all.

Food for thought if you are opening up the rear.
Yeps!! That's what is getting in at the same time as the WL!