2007 Mustang GT/CS Vert


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Most of you accepted me for the last 4 years driving with you with my Focus ST. Finally had the opportunity to trade her in for a new to me Mustang. MINE! finally! :cool: Let's not keep it a secret for the time I was trying to ...:rofl

Here I present to you my 2007 GT/CS Vert. Yep, another black car in my stable. I had said not another one but i couldn't pass the deal. Was going to Montreal on vacation at my cousin's place and traded the ST on the GT/CS there and then in St-Eustache. Yes, Montreal trip with the ST and back home with the new to me pony. Currently it have 111 000kms on the odo, many more planned to come. Short term plans are to rig it with new tires at the start of next summer, do the spark plugs to new, MGW short throw shifter, SCT tuner, try to get some 20 to 25mm spacers all around to have those wheels sit flush with the fender (or as close as can be). I will also be correcting the paint early next summer as that little used car dealer in St-Eustache trashed the paint with whatever buffer they've used.

Longer term plans are to make it into a good handling/capable autocross street cruiser, so lot of suspension work will end up done. it currently feels down on power from the Focus (was 251WHP and 329 WTQ) but tuned for the intake it have and then other power adders down the line will help her. As mentioned, handling will be a priority with this one. :D

So there you have her, in all it's glory!! can't wait to see you all soon on the roads! :cool::FordSmile


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Very nice looking car Maxime. I got a chance to see it in person. I am sure you will enjoy it for many years to come.
You will need to change your signature as well. Name is coming Lol
looks great, You st was wicked and enjoyed having you, now a Mustang, even better.
if Phil every gets around to bathing up the rest of 08 gt/cs build, could be some helpful hints.
you got a great start and the build can be over a few years, Mine was and fun to do as well.
Make it your won :)
I actually look forward to Phil posting the rest hehe. Like i said, peiority will be handling this time, power close second still :D
I agree, it is how I done mine, even with a tune and Air kit, will improve power.
the car has average brakes and so so handling, doing that first will make it sane as you improve power.
Looks great, another black Mustang in the club!

If you are interested, I may be taking some goodies off my car prior to selling/trading : coil-overs, Watts link, adjustable shocks, rear sway bar and Brembo brakes. Great autocross stuff...