2007 Mustang GT/CS Vert


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I kept her disconnected, in the car, in the dead cold of winter. Storage place I'm in, haven't seen a power socket to keep it on the tender. that's why I want to start to bring it home with me when the car is stored.

And NO, never had to boost the car in the spring, always started right up ;)


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My care package from Dasilva racing have arrived 😃. Planned installation sometimes next summer (raking the install money now) at the same time as my watts link.
What’s all in the boxes 📦? 3.73 gears, complete diff rebuilt kit and,while all is opened and we’re at it, new carbon clutches for the differential 🤘🏼!! Will be a fun thing to have installed. Now i have to find a good shop In moncton or the area for the installation AND, a shop that won’t mind installing tue watts link at the same time as the rest. Think Taylor has actually a good gear guy, but not familiar with any other shops. Will have to shop around.


Most Ford factory trained techs at dealerships can do gears.
Dealerships actually do fair number of gears on regular basis on trucks.
It’s just not mainstream knowledge.
F150 and super duties that work hard.
Like fleet trucks for Irving Woodland around here.
They simply abuse those in the woods.

But like all trades, within the trade population some are better than others.
Eventually, a few of those techs reveal their ability to do consistent better job.
That’s the one you want to try and get.


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Just a side note. I don't remember where now in the last few weeks, but I talked about the fact I had a Lube Locker gasket for the diff for whenever I would open it back up and Gerry have advised me against installing with the Watts link due to the forces the Whiteline system will chuck into the differential cover.
So for my fun I thought, let's call the manufacturer directly and talk it out to see if they even thought about this application and if they know or not if their gasket can be installed. Well, they didn't even want to answer and for actual technical questions referred me to Summit Racing !?!?!

Guess which gasket will be thrown in the big bin? LOL. 😂

For the records, I wasn't going to install since Gerry was already thinking it wouldn't hold, I trust him 100%, I wanted to see IF the manufacturer would have anything to say. Well, They can't even answer a technical question on their own product, that says a LOT ......

Install as mentioned a little above will be done sometime in the next season, haven't decided where I would bring it just yet, but I am steering well into Taylor's direction, even if it'll cost a little more from the start, but maybe having better luck of a proper install the first time around! We shall see :)