What's your winter driver - Don't say Mustang

MC Stanger

In my list the most terrifying car to drive was the Renault LeCar. 1300 cc engine with a whopping 55 hp! Not one safety feature to be found except the seat belt (when it clicked in sometimes). Three wheel nuts and you could pull the engine out by hand. Swapped it out at the auto club in an afternoon.


Most fun to drive was the M113 armored personnel carrier in Gagetown.


Both good winter beaters, when the heaters worked.


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I drove an APC at Gagetown on a fire power demonstartion day. The best part was when they told me I would have to slow down, lol.

That would be a good rig to have when some on the streets needs an attitude adjustment. The ultimate road rage tool.

MC Stanger

Funny you should mention that. My first deployment was with the Anti-Armor platoon as a gunner. As with any vehicle its all about the options.

Like an anti-tank optically tracked, wire guided missile launcher good for 3.5 kilometers with a thermal sight for night shots. Each round was about $30,000 in the 80's. Had the pleasure of launching 7 of them. Each time I said "There goes the money for another new car".

A pic from an exercise in Quebec. No Cavaliers were hurt that I know of....