What's your winter driver - Don't say Mustang


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Not make loyal here.... Mustang is only 3rd Ford for me. Had an Escort in the early 80's and a Bronco II with a 307 for mudding til the frame broke! Wish I had pics of the troubles that one gave me for the short time it was running! Could almost climb a brick wall!

More Japanese than anything.....Hondas, Toyotas, Nissans and Mazdas.


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I'm not loyal to Ford for the sake of it, they made F150's I like, so I bought them. I've had great luck and service from the dealer with my trucks, so I keep going back. If things go sour, I won't feel any regret in switching to something else, like my switch from GM to Ford in 2000.


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We replaced our Taurus with a Mazda. And have no regrets. Got it in May 2017, and no issues at all, only oil and filter changes and replaced wiper blade inserts. There was always something with the Taurus as well as the F150. As we didn’t even put 2,000 kilometers on the truck in last year, we got rid of it too.


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The old Broncos from the 60s, early 70s are cool and I wouldn’t mind owning one. The Bronco two that followed in the 80’s were Crap and one of my neighbours had one and had a magnetic sign on his driver door he had custom made that said “Another Rusty Ford” 👎🏿
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I’ve had VW’s, Mazda, Toyota, Datsun, Mitsubishi, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Dodge, Ford, Honda ,GMC and Chev’s in the yard over time.
Pickups were Ford , GMC and Chev, - no Dodge trucks to compare other than short rentals in Wabush. None of the pickups seemed better or worse than the rest. I guess it’s all in the luck you have , some are diamonds, and well some are not!

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Winter drivers are presently a 2010 Ford Edge Limited and a 2016 F-150 King Ranch. I am pretty much brand oriented but had others from GM as cars with good luck except their poor paint quality. The Edge has been awesome but no luck with the trucks as first one bought in '16 was a Lariat that had paint issues which Ford bought back after months of fighting, now this one has its moments as well :mad: And to add to it the Dealer here is constantly going through staffing changes and right now they suck big time, sales and service !! :mad: Love the Ford trucks (regardless of present issues) so have no idea where to go next ?? Ram seems to be the way to go as per feedback up here, but really not a big fan of that shifter button. So what to do ??


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How many have I had in the last 37 years......... very difficult to say, as I had Ford Management cars for a lot of that time which we changed every 3-6 months. So a lot of Focuses, Fiestas, Mondeos plus some Land Rovers (when we owned them), a Jaguar (ditto), and various Explorers in the US. Since being in Canada, a Subaru, a BMW and an Audi.

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Had many winter drivers. Sorry to say the Mustang II was a winter one. It was like a slip-n-slide. After making the list and looking it over most vehicles when young were cheap trades. Longest one (on the road for me) was the '96 F150 at 12 years. Traded it for a Ranger in '08 and I have recently seen the '96 truck still going. It had the straight six so I think that is a factor in longevity.

Started in 1982

'76 Ranger 351 Windsor. When they were a full size truck. My first vehicle in high school.

'77 Corolla Wagon. Replaced the Ranger which ended up on its roof in a freezing rain storm in Fredericton NB. Traded the truck parts for it.

'78 Plymouth Volare. Got for a case of beer and the 183 bucks I had in my pocket.

'73 Plymouth Fury. Once it got going there was literally no stopping it. Brakes were never great.

'76 Caprice Classic. Traded a CD player for it. One wire was broke inside the distributor when I picked it up. 10 dollar fix!

'76 Chrysler Newport. Had a 440 cu in. I think I filled the tank every day.

'77 Renault LeCar. Talk about downsizing. Drove it from Fredericton to Los Angeles, CA in 88. Made it back as far as Moose Jaw. R.I.P.

'83 Mazda 626. Very sporty. Fun to drive RWD then.

'77 Mustang II with the 302. Anytime I saw a Z-24 it was in the rear view mirror. Ha ha.

Then the kids came along...More doors and more room...

'88 Nissan Multi. Not a good choice at all.

'88 Ford AeroStar. The beast. Eventually the very rusty beast.

'93 Subaru Loyal AWD. First ever new one off the lot. Best winter beater ever.

'02 Dodge Caravan. Aerostar was not cutting it. Met its demise in a ditch between a tree and a well head.

'91 Subaru Loyal RWD. Not AWD but a daily one for work with 260 km per day. Got for $2,000 (was in a small accident) with 79,000 km on it and drove it to 280K. Money well spent.

'96 F-150 Super cab with an 8 foot box. She was loooong.

'08 Ranger. Traded in the F-150. Ford lost a lot of customers dropping this when they did. Purchase base price was $12,999 new in ‘08. How did they get to be $36,000 now.

'08 Escape AWD. Not a bad buggy. Daily driver until the Edge later on.

Kids are gone. Woot!

Current 5 in the yard...

'13 F-150 Super Crew. 5.0 4x4 XTR. Went with proven power and reliability. Start of the Ruby Red era.

'17 Mustang Coupe. Ruby Red number II. 2.3T seems to do the job. Does not know who old man winter is.

'19 Edge SEL. Ruby Red number III. Not a bad vehicle but might evolve into a Bronco if the specs are right.

'89 F150 black XLT 4x4 Manual 300 straight six with full hydraulic Fisher plow. This thing is a workhorse of 15 years just not on the road.

'96 F150 black 4x4 Manual 300 straight six short box. Next in line to inherit the plow gear.


Would I buy a Mach-E straight electric? No. Hybrid? Yes. AWD Mustang? Yes. That would be an awesome winter beater!


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Impressive vehicle history MC Stanger 👍

Vehicle I kept the longest, 95 Cavalier, 12 years. Bought it in 95 from A rental car agency, had 18,000 kilometers, traded it in on new Ranger 3.0 V6 extended cab 2 wheel drive in 07. After 12 years of being rust checked every year and 317,000 kilometers, body was good, but head gasket blew day I was going to pick up Ranger, still got the $1,000 retire your ride trade in, traded in just in time 👍