Thought of the day.


If you have facebook, you can watch this video.

It’s Dasilva’s facebook.
They hold a fundraising event for Ontario Sick Kids Hospital and raise quite a bit of money in the process.
I donated.
They are up to $66,000.00 this year so far and got a thank you letter from premier Doug Ford.
They also have a couple of great shape Fox Mustangs for sale if anyone looking.
See their shop too and jobs on the go.
They release a video every once in a while.
If you follow them, you will get the notification automatically.

Enjoy to those interested.


AC Bill

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Mouse corpse found in the cabin filter of my Cooper
Reminds me of a customers Odyessy that came in to the shop, with a bad smell complaint. It took about 2.5 hours to get the dash all torn apart, to find a nest of dead baby rats in it. We figure the mama rat must have left been trapped, or caught by a cat, and they just starved to death.
I believe her insurance company paid for the work.