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Ryan Snodden and the CBC weather crew called it correctly for us in East Hants. They predicted winds in the 70 to 80 kmh, and rainfall about 100 mm. I don’t have a anometer so I can’t give a number for the winds, but according to my rain gauge and pool we got about 90 mm of rain.

Mineral Grey

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Skies here seem to be clearing and rain easing off. Winds expected to gust up through the afternoon and ease back later this evening.

Long range shows a summer-like weekend. Anybody planning a cruise?
Planning a day trip Saturday, hit the Fundy coast then hop over to deer island and Campobello island for some coastal cruising then some more ferry hopping to get back

MC Stanger

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Last year, the day of our local Western NS Mustang run, a young fellow Travis Pothier died at 18 in a vehicle accident earlier in the morning (not part of our run). He was a true enthusiast for muscle cars and as you will see by the attendees of a tribute run shortly after, he had many like minded friends.

This year they are doing another run as an ongoing tribute. Any cars are invited and is planned for Sat 26 Sept from Weymouth to Yarmouth starting at 2 PM.

Here is a link to the FB page if you are in the area and interested. Clip of last years attendees. Hope it loads OK.

2nd Tribute Run



It’s being addressed.
That’s the good thing.
It looks like the report may have the start date wrong.
March 2019, I don’t think they were making 2020’s yet.
Unless some 2019’s are also affected and report doesn’t say.
March 2020 would make more sense and coincide with Covid shutdowns and work restrictions.