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Patience, or a custom tune. 😜

Since we’re name dropping a few shops, I have to give a big shout out for Dasilva Racing.
Always excellent service.
In person or over the phone.
Shipping in Canada included in their prices now as well.
They are so dedicated to what they do, that the word “Artists” of their trade comes to mind to describe them.
Adaptable also
They will install parts bought elsewhere without drama when you attend the shop.

I say this last part because I discussed building my 2015 with Ted Lewchuck, owner of Mustang Direct, in Moncton last summer during the Nationals.
I was ready to throw some business his way but I got turned off when he told me he would not install parts I would not buy from him.
I also found that he pushed hard for his views of what I should do, and was more or less interested in doing what I wanted.

Having dealt with Dasilva many times before for my 2006, the decision was easy.
I went back happily.
In fact, talking to Lewchuck confirmed for me that Dasilva’s was the right place to go.
It was like because I had dealt with Dasilva before, Lewchuck held that against me as a negative thing.
Like I was not part of his click or something.
It was a conversation.

Anyway, once I’m on the road, wether I drive 6 hours to Montreal or 11 to Picketing, I’m going straight to Pickering.
Do not stop in Montreal.
Do not waste my time.

Ho, I’ll buy t-shirts from Mustang Direct.


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Tune wise we have had great luck with Performance dyno.
in NH, hence the yearly dyno run,
with my 08 and the funky DOB SC I set up Pete did not blink,
thought it was cool and sat and wrote the tune, helped me change few bits
to get it right. We started at 8am and finished at 3:30 pm
taking it off dyon few times to change a few things.

I have hear Great things about Delsiva as well. these are the types of place you want to deal with.


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Got great service over emails from Dasilva as well. Being a Ford Racing dealer, bought my gears and rest of accompanying tidbits from them, will have them installed locally here tho.

I am all for buying local (or canadian) when i can as well. I bought couple of my parts from and even bought a couple of suspension parts from Bocar Racing in caraquet. They have been able to price match and beat way bigger names, so gave them the chance to order my parts in. But for the Bilstein, here's the example. I still have to do my front struts, as i've only done the shocks at the back for now. Price taken this morning:

- - $400 a strut
- - $272 per strut (YES, CAD dollars).

Will my choice really be that hard? :rolleyes:


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Not hard at all, at that price When difference is more than 15% (or $150), I will normally choose the cheapest one, unless they offer you something else.
dasilva is well known in Ontario, have good friends getting good service from them, never tried, but perhaps on the future I will need to do more stuff.