Thought of the day.


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It’s been a weird month. When I decided to become left handed for a bit on February 22nd I thought geeeee this is gonna keep me from doing a lot of things. Little did I know.

Pins come out tomorrow and then back to work if the doctor says I’m good. Back to normal??.....ok the new normal which will hopefully turn into the old normal soon🤞
Glad to hear, Jason. Hope the rest of the mending goes without too much difficulty!


Post King
I have to say that this morning’s shopping experience at Costco was the best I have ever experienced there. Carts sanitized, a single well spaced line of Customers entering the store, I found everything on my list and there were no lineups to pay. And I didn’t even need toilet paper. There was a limit of one per customer on that item and there was no disinfectant wipes left in stock. No problem, I picked up a six pack of that 2 weeks ago