Road to buidling a 1990 Foxbody LX

This is going to be a custom car, it deserves a custom spoiler.

Something more like the vertical one but maybe smaller and more subtle.

Maybe like this one from Ring Brothers.
They can likely make something similar for a Fox body LX coupe.

I’m not fan of the Saleen.
Between the two above, I prefer first one.


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I have a new dilemma
I am searching wheels.
prefer 17", might be able to pull of 18"
need 9.5 to 10 rears and 9-9.5 fronts

needs to be as light as I can afford lol
road racing style wheel likely black if I can get
maybe machined lip

anyone wanna play, I have serched multi sights more than a few times
and I have time, but with luck will need this spring.
Will know more in few weeks, hopefully brakes will be in
and I can install,

hope not to do more than rolled lip at this point.
we will see if I have to add a bit to fenders
I took time to put pictrures of my old 1992 mustang that i had purchased in 1994. Picture quality not to good some i had to scan and quality was not to good in those days . It first was black and then i have put it red in 1998 did the job with one of my friend, i did polished all 4 wheels and bought them to chrome an added center cap from ford from 1993 yellow covertible special edition was lucky to still be able to have them. Also installed auto meter shift light with MSD 6al had a rev limiter, hurst shifter with button for nitrous, under drive pulley kit. The radio was pull out face plate alpine sound system.
i did the supension with mac lowering spring 1-1/2 inches and the complete exhaust system with unequal lenght 1-5/8 with the power chamber and cat back 2-1/2 inches. A 3.73 gears with nitrous 150 hp shot was nice car to drive .bit nervous but was fun . so here are a few pictures of old memories , that i should have kept. sold the car in spring of 2001 1992 mustang LX noir.png

1992 Mustang LX-11.png1992 Mustang LX-7.png
1992 Mustang LX-6.png1992 Mustang LX-5.png1992 Mustang LX-4.png
1992 Mustang LX-2.png
1992 Mustang LX-1.png
1992 Mustang LX.png1992 mustang lx 10.png1992 Mustang LX-9.png
That’s expensive