Road to buidling a 1990 Foxbody LX

High Performance Summer is better than Drag Radials on rear

If you monitor tread wear and lower speed on wet surfaces No Problem

In any Event your GT350 will most likely be the better choice for weekend trips
Very true as it has nicer ride and likely going to be a lot quieter :)
But should be fun to drive, still deciding if I am putting a radio in this thing lol
If it’s going to be that loud, don’t bother with radio.
You still won’t use it.

2 reasons.

First, you’re going to simply enjoy the exhaust sound and listen to that, likely windows down all the time.

Second, the odd time when you think you want the radio and put up the windows to listen to it, you’re going to have to turn up the volume so high to drown out the exhaust that it will be too loud.
It won’t be music.
It’ll be noise over noise.

Trust me, you won’t miss it.
Agreed. I would have thought that after driving the GT350 in Sport Mode, you would have realized radios are just added weight.

Now EV's on the other hand......there's a vehicle that needs a radio. A really loud one. :LOL:
I might do something, maybe blue tooth set up, we will see
occasional I am waiting for people to catch up, so I have a smoke and listen to tunes while waiting :ROFLMAO:
not quite this bad, but understand the feeling