Road to buidling a 1990 Foxbody LX


The Coyote has a blower on top.
Maybe should not be there.

Biggest difference is width of the heads.
Coyote much wider because of dual OHC.
It gives illusion of being way bigger engine.
As we all know however, displacements is what goes on inside.

Interesting comparison though.
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Watched a re-run of Car Fix yesterday where they took apart a Coyote and Voodoo engine explaining the differences, interesting stuff.
Plus they changed the exhaust and upgraded a few suspension parts on a GT350R.
I saw that too, interesting. They also did a show on a Coyote swap along with the tubular K member and a tubular frame forward of the shock towers. They claimed a lighter front end, more of a drag race set up that road race.


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The amount of research for a coyote swap
and the odd ball parts, seem endless.
I have learned one thing most who have not done,
don't know, this is not going to be cheap :rolleyes:

Also as easy as it seems to be to find someone doing it,
it is alot more rare than most realize, likely due to the amount of details
and parts you need.

But I move along, I think things are going ok. ( so far)


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Maybe seat option for the build.
EO style seats from LMR.

not quite as aggressive as I want.
I want side support, similar to whats in my 350.
racing style seat, but can still have adjustment.