New Bronco


Interior dash is very much like an Escape.
Nothing special.
Does the job well.

The rubber on the gear turn dial is very nice to the touch. Soft and appropriate level of grip. Just right.




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Thanks for the write up and experience Marc. I like the look of it. Seems to have a nice fit and finish. That color does suit it quite well.


You’re all welcome.
One thing I forgot to mention was that I found the driver’s seat and driving position very good.
Very comfortable seat.
Reason I mention is because I find it better than the Escape seat.

Don’t get me wrong.
New Escape is lots of progress above old model and close to Edge in performance and capacity now, but there is just something about driver’s seat to me that is not right.

Bronco seat did not give that feeling.
Very comfortable from the get go.
Maybe different padding materials or design, but to me, better.


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First thing I thought of was all the Easter Eggs that Dodge put in the TRX, ripping on the Raptor.

I think the GOAT Mode was the best one in the Baby Bronc, with the surfboard out the back on the rear glass a close second.

Great minds indeed. lol

MC Stanger

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I see they dropped the blue oval again on the front grill for the Bronco. I am good with that. Early 80's and up to '96 I recall seeing it so if I am not mistaken only the Mustang is the one vehicle in the whole Ford lineup to never have the blue oval in front. Unless there is some rare version.


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Actually a nice bronco with set up and size.
bit bigger than escape and a different look.
the two MacPhee got sold in couple days.

I can't wait to order and get Aliona's new Bronco.
Hope I am aloud in it or maybe even drive it lol.


They work good now.
Have it on both F150 and Escape.
It only works in auto setting for headlights.
If you want to go old school, just turn lights on normal setting.