My 1972 F250 project

05 gt 5spd

On the road again
Yes that was coolant! Looks like I’m going to be changing 6 frost plugs !

ordered the 1-49/64” steel plugs and started the disassembly .

To to get the plugs out, the rear 4 were easy- just the starter and the exhaust had to move. I’m glad I saw the drip before I reinstalled the exhaust!
the front two are another story. Motor mounts have to come out to access them so the engine has to lift. Moved the engine crane in place and with a few hammer blows form Brian the front plugs were in.

looking at the old ones it seems Dad had already replaced 1 with steel and two with rubber sometime previously.

Here is is what came out

I’m glad to have that job done. Added new coolant , a thermostat, and a new temp sensor to fix the heat gauge and all is done - right ?
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05 gt 5spd;n31152 said:
Since I was working at it I decided to add a battery disconnect switch

The air cleaner looked crappy so I blasted and painted the base and cover- time for another can of Ford Blue!

Installed a new new air cleaner element -

What is that on the floor? Coolant?

Round 2 of surprises to come!

Looks Great in the Engine Compartment Gerry. Not Overdone, but Clean. :FordSmile

05 gt 5spd

On the road again
Time for a road trip
June 8th was the first car show for the F250. I managed to get the truck to New Glasgow without Dad knowing it was there. There was a big smile on his face when he saw the people gathered around looking at the truck


A Good day was had by all


I could say this is the end, but I believe the story of this truck is far from done.



05 gt 5spd

On the road again
Sat down and made the “To Do “ list for the truck. Most of it is nice to do - truck is still useable for short runs . With more time now available maybe some of the low dollar jobs might just move up the list.
New heater hoses, clamps,coolant; maybe a carb kit for the original carb, oil levels to check. A clutch release bearing may be in the cards - it was a making a bit of unwanted noise last fall .
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05 gt 5spd

On the road again
Another Covid 19 time off project
Washed the truck last week and have been constantly moving the spare tire around the garage since. Decided it was time to make the spare tire carrier for under the truck. It had gone missing years ago! Here are the results

Some threaded rod, 2 x 1 channel and a bit of welding and paint and the tire is back where it belongs. Now it won’t scratch the box floor paint.
Rubber wrapped around the locating lugs to prevent scratches and a rubber cover over the top of the tire /rim to keep the dirt off the upper section.
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