My 1972 F250 project

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On the road again

This project started in spring of 1972 when my Dad bought this truck, it was less than 6 months old. Built in Ontario in Sept of 1971 and picked up at the factory by the original owner . Dad needed a truck for the garage and this came home. F250 4x4 ,360 cid V8 , 4 speed trans, 2 speed divorced transfer case, light duty front end (closed knuckle Dana 44 ) with manual locking hubs, power brakes, manual steering built as Sport Custom trim level. 7.50 x 16 nylon Jeep service lug tires on split wheels and a dealer installed step bumper.

As the truck needed to earn its keep it was soon equipped with a Fisher 8’ power angle snow blade which would remain on the truck until the early 2000’s . The last vehicle inspection expired in 1996 . The truck received a thick coating of grease graphite undercoating when it arrived in Guysborough .
I credit that application of undercoating and a couple of Dad’s additional guards in making the truck last. What you see is all original doors, fenders, box sides etc.

About 2004 Dad repaired 2 small holes in the bottom of the doors and the truck was prepped and painted and went in the building you see in the picture . The spark plugs were removed, the cylinders oiled and the truck was covered and did not move until May of 2018.

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Now that is great stuff, especially when it was your dad's. Keep the story going Gerry, enjoy reading about it !!


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Gerry being the guy he is, a bit modest.
this thing is very cool. Amazing condition,
the stuff it does need is small.
Gerry being who is, will pick away at it for years :)

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On the road again
We took the truck from its resting place for the last 15 years

Loaded on the borrowed trailer - and yes I towed it home with a GMC

Just before it left we took a picture of the Three amigo's - 3 generations - As you can see we all dressed up for the photo.


Still have a bunch of parts to pick up - Dad keeps finding parts he bought and put away.


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On the road again
Well after a full year back at my place I’m close to back on the road ! There were a few surprises(leaks) after topping up fluids so new seals in the transfer case and both differential pinions were in order. A quick oil and filter change to get rid of the 15 year old oil and a carb kit were in order to get the 360 back to life. A trip around the driveway and I found that the front brake wheel cylinders on both sides were a bit rusty and leaking so they were replaced. Front and rear bumpers were cleaned, rear one painted and installed after making new brackets, mirrors painted and new stainless hardware used to install the brackets . The doors went back together after replacing the window rubbers on the drivers side.
A look at the frost plugs in the old 360 made for another project, replaced all 6 of them with new. I found out the rear 4 are easy, the front 2 required removing the motor mounts and the front tires but the job is done. Fresh coolant and a new thermostat finished up that part of the project. Don’t use 1-3/4” they are too small, you need 1-49/64” to get the proper fit . (Had that advice from DAD)
He was 100% correct.

Almost ready for a road trip. Time for the Mechanical fitness inspection ( passed , no issues) so I now have Antique plates and am legal for the road.
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On the road again
Well every project, just as it seems all is going well the project will throw you a surprise. A few weeks ago I had the truck all ready for the road so I took it to work one day. When I returned home I decided to change the oil a second time - after another 100 miles of running from sitting since 1996.
The oil stated to drain then - nothing - the opening was plugged with sludge!
Now the oil pan had to come down to see how bad things looked.
To get the oil pan down the exhaust has to drop. And on it goes. I was able to clean the pan and get the oil pump pick up cleaned - then wait for the new oil pan gaskets . I cleaned and painted the pan while it was off- back to Ford Blue.

Painted the pan

Almost back to where I started. New oil and filter added.
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On the road again
Since I was working at it I decided to add a battery disconnect switch


The air cleaner looked crappy so I blasted and painted the base and cover- time for another can of Ford Blue!


Installed a new new air cleaner element -

What is that on the floor? Coolant?

Round 2 of surprises to come!