Memory lane pics


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he definitely didn't care about to much about things , that poor car was red lined with nitrous almost every time ive seen it..
I would never subject mine to a burnout pad. But I have nothing against turning the Traction Control off, revving to 3,000 RPMs and dumping the Clutch to do a long smoky burnout if I am replacing the rear tires the next day and if there are no witnesses except my Son who will record on video.


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Not sure what a burnout with this thing would look like hmmmmm,
Side note : I tried the line lock one time in Mexico, days before I got my new rear tires ;), you can see where the line lock dis-engaged, then first gear, then I hit the rev limiter by mistake, hit second, then figured it was time to let off. lol

Note theres no cars, no houses, no pedestrians.... no witnesses. Factory line lock is great, but its hard on tires.

Time and a place for everything, not to preach on the pulpit, but city streets in broad daylight is neither of those, especially when you run an easy to remember plate on a distinctive car. lol



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Ya, when I did mine around 5 years ago, was in a nearby Industrial Park after supper, no traffic, no houses for kilometers. I posted on Mustang Canada at the time. Traction control off, rev to 3 grand then did burn out through 1st and 2nd to redline then it hooked up in 3rd, still going straight.