Memory lane pics


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looking through old pics and had to smile,good memories,

Started looking for pics of my car and couldn't resist sharing others, water under the bridge foe Phil and Moose,wasn't funny at the time but distant memory now,hope they aren't insulted. They are likely on here somewhere anyway.

The only body changes are the spoilers and wheels as the pics are more recent.

Thanks to Joey for the wheels and tires

The Camastang may be the best of both worlds for me hahahahaphoto.JPGphoto.JPGphoto.JPGphoto.JPGphoto.JPG


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Can't believe the only picture is the one I took in front of the Barn our son got married in,

I guess when I think about it I had the oil changed and inspection done and only drove it once to take this pic.

I said at my speech every barn I was ever in Nic had a horse in it so your Mom and I are giving you a horse. then she held up this poster,yup,lots of tears.

His golden retriever insert

-4553173249861238373.jpgI heard his friends at a table nearby say,did that just F,,,,in happen? Hahaha


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Some good ole memories there, thanks for sharing.
The pics have some really funny stories that I cherish Hugh,

I have always loved your car as you know but never fortunate enough to see it in person.

For a couple of years the two other couples with the Challenger and Camaro booked out annual trip the same time as the fall run,so I missed your Cabot Trail guided tour,hopefully I will the next time.

Still never got an aquarium, another hope to.


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Funniest trip was Gaspe, hipper snipper will never die lol.

Best overall trip likely cabot trail.
amazing video by Mel.

Great memories made, each year we add to it.
Great cars, even greater people.
Friends for a life time regardless of cars.