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Just checking it to see if anyone is getting fired up for spring. It will be a different season this year with no group cruises, car shows or club events/BBQs but rest assured, we will be on the road every chance we get. This year we celebrate our 50th Anniversary of cruising together in 9 different Mustangs. On July 11th this year, we hope to be able to re-create the photo you see as our profile picture. It will have a little less hair and a few more pounds but it will be us in our 45th Anniversay car. We bought it for our 45th and are so happy we did as we all know, in life nothing is guaranteed and as we can see how much our world has changed, we wouldn't change the experiences of the past 5 years for a 40 year collection of Camaros.

We hope to see many of you on the road this summer and rest assured, if you see a Legend Lime convertible on the road and those in it don't wave, it isn't us. Sending our love and best wishes to all of the Mustang community, stay safe and be blessed in knowing you've already lived some of the best years of your life...... as Mustang owners.


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Saint-Bernard Catholic Church just past Weymouth. Here is info about it and it's building which is quite interesting.


Maybe if we cannot get together for a large run soon, members can go to local landmarks and post a photo with their rides and a small blurb about them so we can learn more about the areas we live in. We are always looking for new and interesting places to drive to.
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