Maritime mini runs.


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New member, Kevin checking in. Stopped at Tim's in Enfield this afternoon, and met Gerry, Rich, Jason and Trevor. Thanks to all for letting me join for a cruise to Truro. Had a great afternoon, enjoyed the drive, weather and car talk. Look forward to doing again sometime.
You met those guys and still decided to join instead of running away?
Welcome aboard!

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Awesome road trip yesterday..took rt121 to Sussex then jumped on hwy1 to Moncton and then I to shediac road and stayed on rt134 to visit Texaco cars and coffee station. Proceeded up rt 535 through Cormierville to Bouctouche and grabbed a coffee to walk along the waterfront at the Irving park. Hugged the coast again up to the Dunes and walked the boardwalk and beach. Stayed on the coastal route up to Texting were we grabbed lunch at the Seaside Grill jumped on rt134 through Saint -Louis de Kent and onto Kouchibouguac for a stroll on the boardwalk on Kelly's beach then back out and through Pointe-Sapin where there was a family of black bears hanging out on the side of the road. Continued to Chatham and down rt118 to Blackville and grabbed an icecream at Doaktown back down #123 to Chipman and rt10 to Youngs cove and back to Sussex . A long but good day ..received_754984448510191.jpegreceived_812333206090103.jpegreceived_155665673214314.jpegreceived_1950716225092387.jpeg


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Photos as promised.


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Enfield to Grand Pre for coffee ,then to Blomidon provincial park, nice chat wit a former Mustang owner. Then back to Canning, past Bad Chad’s place to the lookoff , and other nice chat with an owner of a 1972 Charger then off to NANA’s fish and chips in MT Uniacke . Great day to be out and about in a Mustang !


05 gt 5spd

On the road again
If you are travelling east -New Glasgow to Antigonish expect to see some dirt from construction trucks on the highway. Wednesday the roads were wet but not washed so the car was not pretty when I got to Sydney @noon .
Back home Saturday Am wash fixed that problem but I‘m glad I didn’t see Max on the #4 , I expect I would have deserved a “dirty Mustang “ citation