Maritime mini runs.


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With all the rules and no end in sight, I thought a thread with Mini runs
would be a good thread. So whether you get alone or with a friend or two,
Let us know. Even better take a pic of where ever you are and share

Might be awhile before runs or events happen, but we can share the small local
runs we get in our cars. Post it up folks, we all will enjoy :)

Fred got out, so I am starting this with epic photo of 2 Bullitt's, I highjacked from Mustang Thread.
2 bullitts .jpg
Looking forward to pics later today.
I’m holding off.
One reason is have not renewed insurance or registrations yet.
Up until about Thursday this week, did not seem necessary.
Now will need all that plus MVI.

Taking snow blower off tractor this afternoon after I go over it with the grease gun.