Die Cast Model Cars any Scale, all types of Vehicles

I am jeleous, I doudt the Wallmarts in my area will get them anytime soon lol
There's always Passion Diecast if Walmart is a washout. :ROFLMAO:

Case in point - ordered this 2022 Greenlight release...showed up this week.


Just for comparison I noticed this 2019 HW Premium Set that was still in stock and still in a sealed box, so they're minty-mint.



Cool car, probably wouldn't have bought it on it's own, but it was part of the set of four.



Nice score Marc, that '82 is really nice and I have to admit I considered that '01 Crown Vic, but passed. Shoulda grabbed it. lol
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Not a problem, I wasn't buying in 2019, so you were lucky enough to get them individually.

That would have been my preferred route, but buying them four years later I ended up with the set.

Apologies for the confusion, no harm , no foul, no dig.