Die Cast Model Cars any Scale, all types of Vehicles

7D48D77F-E051-4EDD-8BB3-C0A06C92EEE7.jpeg I have several Ford and a few Shelby’s in 1/64 scale hanging on my garage wall among my various sings, pictures, banners and posters.

But these two and one other are on a shelf.
The top one is a 2015 GT 1/64 scale that Ford handed out in Charlotte in 2014 during the 50th anniversary party, if you took a test drive in a then new Ford product.
Then you could take that car as currency and if you braved the lineup and showed it to the attendants, you could get a shotgun ride in a Bosd 302 around the road course with a professional Ford driver.
The course that has been made famous by NASCAR the last two years and they have named the Roaval.
Both my wife and I took the drive around in different cars.
All I can say is “Wow” about the banking on the Oval part.
It is steep. No wonder race cars can go around at full speed.
It just compresses the car into the track.
They were made by Miesto and I came home with 4.
I gave the other 3 to friends and my cousin.
This is the only one I kept.
It kind of matches my 2015 now, save for the off shade of red.

The one by Autoart underneath is a 1/43 scale 2005 GT in Legend Lime.
A near perfect match for my 2006 if you discount the year.
Legend Lime was only sprayed on ‘05 and ‘06 my’s.
A5336315-E9CC-497E-AB19-2E597569FA6E.jpeg This one is for Fred and is the other one on the shelf.
A 1/43 scale ‘68 GT fastback that that famous actor beat on in the streets of San Fransisco.
It’s made by Yat Ming.
The light is not good so if anyone wondering, it is the right shade of green.
On top is my little Cuban doll from a hotel room there a few years ago.
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