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Vintage Ad Cars Series 8 arrived today, shout out to Passion Diecast for hooking me up.

At the risk of repeating myself, the detail and variety of the cars featured makes this series a great one, and buying from a Canadian retailer is icing on the cake.

Couple of Fords this time around...





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Found this set while having coffee and perusing eBay yesterday morning.

Older set, from 2018, looks to be in mint condition, price wasn't cheap, but it was fair, and the set is complete, so I decided to pull the trigger.

Should be a nice addition to my other Gulf themed cars, and that '69 Boss 302 is pretty sweet.

Seller was listed as being in Saint John, and that pretty much sealed it, nice to buy from the home town.

Merry Christmas to me . :ROFLMAO:



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As 2022 draws to a close, I added a couple of relevant additions, again, courtesy of Passion Diecast.

Did not realize that the Chevy SnoChaser was a legit model in '84, only 2500 some odd produced according to the packaging card.

Really nice castings regardless.


For those wanting Ford related content, I had the Black Bandit Bigfoot I scooped at Walmart last month , so might as well add the 2020 release as well, interesting the difference in the sizing of the tires between the two....maybe one set for stadium shenanigans and one set road legal ??



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Any of you guys have this?
Just seen on facebook, me thinks must have for mustang folks.